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Prison Project

The American criminal justice system currently holds more than 2.3 million people.

It does so in 6,125 facilities across the United States. 

Total US Facilities: 6,125 

  • 1719 state prisons

  • 102 federal

  • 942 juvenile correctional

  • 3283 local jails

  • 79 Indian county, military, immigration detention and civil commitment centers.


The US has an additional 536,000 people detained in pre-trial detention facilities which is more than most countries have in their prison and jails combined.  Incarceration and detention is just one piece of the puzzle. Additionally, there are another 3.7 million people on probation and 840,000 on parole.  



ABG: 3-Fold Prison Project


(See 2 Kings 13:15-19) This is the LORD's arrow, an arrow of victory over Aram (US prisons). Send the book into every facility at no cost to the chaplain or facility.


Initiative 1: Send the Book. Partner with chaplains, prison fellowship, kairos and other ministries working within the criminal justice system to distribute the book as an evangelistic arrow.


Initiative 2: Collaborate to Evangelize. Partner with chaplains and recovery ministries (Teen Challenge, Celebrate Recovery) to encourage people to fully surrender to Christ and use ABG as a focus group discussion tool.

Initiative 3: Partner with public schools in urban areas to use the book as literacy project for at risk teens.



Evangelistic Financial Investment 


OPTION 1: Monthly partner 


Archer Level Distribution Campaign – $5, $10 or $20 a month will help us print and distribute as requests come in.


OPTION 2: Send a one time gift of any amount


Mass Impact Print Campaign – Our goal is to print and send 10,000 books 

  • Donate $5 (1 book, print and S&H) 


Freedom Campaign. $5000

  • Develop a hard copy study guide and 31 day devotional based on Arrested By Grace for target audiences. (At risk youth, drug addicts/recovery and those in prison). 

  • Audible Narration Project

  • Translation into Korean and Portuguese.



Future/Long-term Ministry Goal 


Open a home (The Potter's House) that offers housing and vocational training to provide stability on the way to self-sustainability. Pastor Vega plans to work toward transforming the individual and the school-to-prison pipeline. Please partner with us in the rescue, rebuilding and returning to wholeness process.

Remember Those in Prison


As we know, once people encounter Jesus, lives can be changed, families can be restored, and communities can be made safer. Your gift toward phase 1 or 2 would help us reach incarcerated men and women with the good news of the Gospel. 


How do I give?


Donate by clicking below and add ABG Prison Project in the "Add a Note" tab.


Make check payable to East Harlem Fellowship (Memo line: ABG Prison Project)   

Mail address:

East Harlem Fellowship

324 Pleasant Avenue Suite 2D 

New York, NY 10035  

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