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Ministries & Outreaches


The Children’s Ministry offers Sunday School classes for children ages 2 through 13, during the 10 AM service. The ministry focuses on displaying the love of God in a practical way, while using lessons and activities that teach biblical principles. The teachers introduce the importance of a personal relationship with Our Father and Lord Jesus Christ and instill values of family, prayer, kindness, love, and obedience.



Our Teen Ministry at EHF is two-fold. As a church we minister to our teens by meeting with them and engaging the Scripture while also having fun activities. We also minister to the youth of our community through a club called Refuge. Through collaboration with a local school we are able to host the club and reach out to youth in a completely Christ-centered environment where we have time to go through the Scriptures and get to know each other.



The Hospitality Ministry ensures that church attendees are comfortable during services. They support the Pastor and Elders throughout all church events. The team welcomes new guests and serves as the point of contact after initial visits. Their heart is to ensure all feel supported and encouraged in their walk with the Lord.



At EHF, we believe that worship goes far beyond the music. It is a way of life—a perpetual offering of our obedience, love, awe and adoration to our sovereign God. Our vision is that as we wholeheartedly come before Him in worship—with all transparency and humility—He will indeed bring healing, deliverance and restoration to our midst.



God intends for marriage to be a pillar of strength and stability in society. The OneFlesh Marriage Ministry looks to serve our married couples. They host and sponsor regular get-togethers, seminars and getaways. Its' goal is to walk alongside to love, mentor and counsel couples 

through the different challenges and joys of married life.


"Gray hair is a crown of glory; it is gained in a righteous life." 

Proverbs 16:31

Our seniors meet once a month for a time of fellowship. If you are interested in joining, please contact Sandra Velez at


No longer teens, but not yet fully immersed in adult life, young adults face unique challenges in today's society. The biggest one being where to find like-minded people to share their journey and challenges with. The Young Adults ministry's goal is to provide relevant and edifying activities for individuals in this crucial stage of life to come together and grow. 


If you are new to East Harlem Fellowship, a new believer or would like to get involved and make EHF your home church, we ask you to join our starting point community life group as you begin your journey with us.


The early church began and thrived in the home environment. Believers fellowshipped to break bread, share what they had to meet needs, and worship God together. This model is alive and well in many parts of the world today. Our church home groups seek to do the same. Church members open their homes to neighbors and coworkers for Bible study, fellowship and worship.

* Please note that due to the Covid-19 pandemic, our Life Groups will be held via Zoom.


The Living Room at Lex Hill hosts monthly events whereby musical and poetic artists of diverse genres offer visitors an opportunity to relax and listen as they perform and express their craft. Offering freshly brewed coffee, desserts and various snacks, The Living Room at Lex Hill is an excellent place to gather with family and friends while making new acquaintances.

Interested in joining a ministry?
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