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  • Senior Pastor of East Harlem Fellowship

  • Licensed/Ordained by Times Square Church, NYC

  • Founder of City Lights

  • Author of "Arrested by Grace"



Pastor Hector Vega was raised in midtown Manhattan where his drug addiction and dysfunction ruled 15 years of his life. He spent 10 of them in and out of the prison system until he was radically saved in 1995. It was the unconditional love of God in the Gospel message that transformed him.


Since being rescued, Pastor Hector has served on international mission trips and most recently was the Executive Director & CEO of the Goodwill Rescue Mission in Newark, New Jersey. He’s led East Harlem Fellowship since 2009 alongside his wife Michelle. They have four children: Nicholas, Josiah, Seth and Skyler.


Pastor Hector just released his biography, "Arrested by Grace" (Freiling Agency, December 2018) to share his story of hope. It presents the full gospel as the missing ingredient for true freedom in our nation. Opioid addiction, a growing prison population and a national discussion about criminal justice reform, all find parallels in "Arrested by Grace." His current work is to send the book into every prison in the United States (ABG prison projects).


In upper Manhattan, New York where East Harlem Fellowship serves, the doors of Oasis at Lex Hill have opened as a community educational facility and future social enterprise center. In La Perla, Puerto Rico a long-term missions poverty solution project is underway as well as pre-work for planting a second church in the South Bronx, New York.



In his new book, Arrested by Grace, Hector Vega shares his story for one reason -- to remind everyone that God still pursues the lost and hopeless. If God can radically transform him from the drug-infested streets of New York City, He can transform you. You might be a drug addict or just someone with hidden struggles – scars of abuse, loneliness, depression, anxiety, rejection, or void of purpose and meaning in life – and you need a change; a change in thoughts, feelings, or behaviors. In Arrested by Grace, walk with Hector through the dark night of the soul that eventually leads to the daybreak of hope.  


“Miracles still happen -- they even occur in the darkest places of New York City.  Hector Vega found the open door that Christ offers and summoned the courage to surrender to the love of God. It was and is a different kind of surrender. There are no guns, no threats, and no commands to raise one's hands and face the wall! Yet, for many years of his life, it was the only surrender Hector had ever known. But then something happened. A soft, gentle voice spoke into the deepest recesses of his heart. ‘Give it all to me, Hector.’  It was the call that precedes every God-breathed miracle in this city, in our nation, and in the world. When Hector yielded, the Spirit of Almighty God came upon his entire being. And that's when the miracles truly began!”


 –Pastor Carter Conlon, Times Square Church in New York City

“Hector Vega lives out what he preaches. Having been through much pain and suffering, he has come out with a story to tell. This book is the story of the power of God, how it changed one man’s life and how it can change yours as well. You will be moved, challenged and deeply encouraged.”


–Gary Wilkerson, World Challenge Ministries

“’s a story that needs to be told. Nothing can grab one’s attention like a true story where the impossible literally takes place over and over again! Hector’s story is gripping, tragic, redemptive, and miraculous. Arrested by Grace is a story of a young man who went from Career Criminal to Pastor . . . from Delinquent to CEO . . . and from Prison to Praise.”


–Nicky Cruz, Evangelist and author, Run Baby Run!

"Hector Vega’s story and his commitment that others experience the chain-breaking freedom that comes only through Jesus Christ is a testimony to gratitude. This is the heart-rending but amazing story of a “five hundred denarii” Christian who knows that he has been forgiven much and is overflowing with a life changing gratitude and anointing that releases the power of Christ to set the captives free."


–Rev. David P. Jones

President & CEO, The Bowery Mission


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