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House of Refuge



Our program will be dedicated to helping women survivors of trafficking, prostitution, and addiction heal and recover.


Human trafficking is the use of force, fraud, or coercion to compel a person into commercial sex or labor. Globally, human trafficking generates $150 billion in illegal profit. That’s more profit than McDonalds, PepsiCo, and Disney combined. Like any other multi-billion-dollar business, supply and demand is everything. Trafficking is locally prevalent and destructive to communities throughout Florida. Most victims will not seek help or self-identify until a relationship of trust can be established via a series of touch points. In fact, over 90% of victims will never even consider going to a safe house or program because of the many day to day obstacles they face.

We believe there is a solution for them!

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Our Voice: Why Does Our Voice and Engagement Matter?
We believe every human being is uniquely and perfectly created in Gods image and He has a

plan and a purpose for every life. That He can redeem the broken, the unlovely and bring beauty and meaning to their lives. Human trafficking is an offense to the sanctity of life; it is evil.


Our Mission:

Is to make freedom and life transformation accessible and a reality for survivors of exploitation. Survivors will always drive our approach and there are three (3) solutions that have been identified as essential for freedom: Trauma informed counseling and spiritual life on life discipleship, Economic empowerment, and Housing.


Our Goal: New Life
Our program will be designed to help women move from a fight or flight existence to

purposeful, self-sufficient independent living. With a focus on breaking the mold of destructive habits, bad decisions (made by or forced upon the person); from suffering to human flourishing, through the process of Love, the gospel message and an encounter with the Holy Spirit.


Our Approach: Love Heals Because God is Love
We cannot do this work alone and making freedom real for survivors requires our entire community. We need a one stop shop with collaborative partners to offer services below.

1) Client Services – Counseling, life on life discipleship, medical assistance, Addiction recovery. Parenting, Education prevention etc...

2) Economic Empowerment – Life and Job skills training, Job placement, Entrepreneurial and Financial literacy education etc...

3) Housing – Transitional referrals with a goal of Independent communal living.


Invest in a Future of Hope

Let’s fight to interrupt the cycle of human tracking by working with others to help lead the exploited to freedom.


How Can You Help Sponsor Freedom? Give, Pray, Help us Build.

Your investment will help us to enter the darkness and fight to set captives free.



70% of trafficked victims are women 64% are minority & under-resourced


64% have housing issues when lured

60% of sex trafficked youth have been in foster care at some point

30% of survivors will be trafficked again due to inadequate survivor or aftercare support

Join the Fight with the SAVE Foundation

(Save Arbor for Victims of Exploitation)


A Multi-purpose Drop-in Center

to offer client services under one roof

A Coffee Shop

for survivor employment & community awareness

A Mobile Outreach Vehicle

to reach local hotspots without brick & mortar

An Independent Communal Living Facility



Please consider making a one time gift to support the EHF House of Refuge. You may make a gift at For monthly partnerships or information please contact Phone 917.272.4642

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