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The STOP Foundation


Our program will be dedicated to helping women survivors of trafficking, prostitution, and addiction heal and recover.


Human trafficking is the use of force, fraud, or coercion to compel a person into commercial sex or labor. Globally, human trafficking generates $150 billion in illegal profit. That’s more profit than McDonalds, PepsiCo, and Disney combined. Like any other multi-billion-dollar business, supply and demand is everything. Trafficking is locally prevalent and destructive to communities throughout Florida. Most victims will not seek help or self-identify until a relationship of trust can be established via a series of touch points. In fact, over 90% of victims will never even consider going to a safe house or program because of the many day to day obstacles they face.

We believe there is a solution for them!

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Our Voice Matters: Join the Fight With the STOP Foundation
We believe every human being is uniquely and perfectly created in God's image and there is a

plan and a purpose for every life. That He can redeem the broken, the unlovely and bring beauty and meaning to their lives. Human trafficking is an offense to the sanctity of life. It is evil and prevalent in Florida.


Our Mission: New Life

Is to make freedom and life transformation accessible and a reality for survivors of exploitation.
The Stop Foundation is non-profit organization making freedom a reality with three (3) data informed solutions identified as essential for freedom:

1) Client Services – Trauma informed Counseling and life on life discipleship, Legal, medical, and addiction recovery referrals etc. ...
2) Economic Empowerment – Employment and Life skills, Entrepreneurial opportunities

3) Housing – Referrals and independent communal living opportunities


Our Goal: Reduce Barriers to Freedom. Restore Hope.

A recent survey revealed that over 90% of survivors never make it to a safehouse due to barriers and lack of trusting relationships. Our initiative will be designed to help women move from a fight or flight survival to purposeful, self-sufficient independent living. With a message of unconditional Love and hope found in the Gospel.

• Reduce the number of survivors that are still in the grips of despair, oppression and on the streets.
• Bring services to a central location (mobile office) eliminating transportation and other barriers in Florida.
• Build relationships that inspire trust and hope.


Our Approach: The Bus STOP

We cannot do this work alone. Securing freedom requires an entire community effort, so we will function as a bridge and collaborative partner with other agencies. We need a one stop shop (Mobile Office) approach offering (Client services, Economic empowerment, and Housing).


Invest in a Future of Hope: Not on our Watch!

30% of survivors will be trafficked again due to a lack of aftercare survivor support. Let’s fight to

interrupt the cycle of human tracking by working together to help lead the exploited to freedom.

Join the Fight with the STOP Foundation
Give. Pray. Help Us Build. Your investment will help us enter the darkness and fight to set women free.


Phase 1: Mobile Office/Outreach Vehicle
that brings services to local hotspots, eliminates the need for brick and mortar. Client services, Employment and Housing opportunities.
Phase 2: Social Enterprise Venture(s)
(i.e.: coffee shop w/event space+side store) that facilitates employment and life skills for survivors. Continued mentorship, financial literacy and entrepreneurships.
Phase 3: Affordable Independent Communal Living
to assist with successfully re-integrating survivors to society.





Please consider making a one time gift to support the STOP Foundation. You may make a gift at For monthly partnerships or information please contact Phone 917.272.4642

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