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   June 22

  • For intentional discipleship to be active in our lives.

  • For us to have the ability to discern distractions & deceptions while being attentive and know when God speaks: the courage to obey.


   June 29

  • That the church would have an attitude of Faith in every area of their lives despite the surrounding circumstances.

  • That people would find peace in Jesus in the midst of the storm.


   July 6

  • That the church throughout America would seek a solemn day of public national repentance.

  • For those we know that are in need of a healing touch.


   July 13

  • That we would humble ourselves.

  • Reconciliation between races, marriages, families, and broken relationships.


   July 20

  • For the Holy Spirit to fill us with power, boldness, and wisdom that we might be bold witnesses in these uncertain times. 

  • That the Lord would continue to give us grace to have ears to hear what He is speaking in this time.


   July 27

  • Pray for our children, teens and young people in EHF and in our own circle.

  • That God would raise an army of young adult soldiers for the kingdom, who are biblically literate, full of integrity and passionate for Jesus


   August 3

  • That all of our church members would experience breakthrough on many levels in 2020.

  • That the church would be devoted to prayer and live a life of prayer.


   August 10

  • For our church to grow in faith and endurance and be rooted in our identity in Him. 

  • That we would be the light and salt in the earth.


   August 17

  • For backsliders to return to their First Love! That prodigals would come back to Father. 

  • Pray against powerless Christian living. Pray for the Holy Spirit’s power to work in fullest capacity over our lives: the power to impact and transform the lives of people around us towards Christ.


   August 24

  • That our purpose as a church and process to engage everyone would be clear.

  • Pray for our workplaces - that we will go to work abounding in the fruit of the Holy Spirit. Pray for a harvest in our workplaces that we would live on Mission! 


   August 31

  • That through God's Word and the help of the Holy Spirit, we can learn to believe, trust and rest in the finished work of Christ. 

  • For our family members who are unsaved to come to the Lord.  


   September 7

  • That EHF would succeed in making disciples that are passionate, engaged and multiplying.  

  • Pray for intentional discipleship to be active in our lives! That we would be generous with sharing the gospel and win souls. 


   September 14

  • Pray that the Church would truly grow in Christ and deepen their understanding of the gospel and their relationship with God.

  • That the church would pursue a relationship with the Holy Spirit and get to know Him for who He is and what He has come to do in our lives. Pray for the baptism, infilling and empowerment of the Holy Spirit in our church.


   September 21

  • Mission La Perla - Architects, engineer, construction workers, Ministry partners, Monetary partners and Missionary workers 

  • For laborers, missionaries, and monetary partners. 


   September 28

  • That God would raise up an urban mission and leadership development process within EHF predominately focused on next generation and emerging leaders. 

  • That deep, authentic friendships would be developed in and out of the church and life groups.

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