As a church we will be participating in 21 days of fasting and praying, starting the evening of January 5 through January 26. Please join us! Below are our daily prayer points for 2020. 



Day 1 The church would pursue a relationship with the Holy Spirit and get to know him for who he is and what he has come to do in our lives. Pray for the baptism, infilling and empowerment of the Holy Spirit in our church. The Holy Spirit is already here; and we should receive and breathe him.


Day 2 Pray for the backsliders to return to their First Love! And prodigals would come back to the Lord.


Day 3 Pray for our workplaces - that we will go to work abounding in the fruit of the Holy Spirit. Pray for harvest in our workplaces that we would live on Mission!


Day 4 Pray for a miracle of restoration & healing over broken or dead relationships and the Holy Spirit’s enabling power to choose humility over pride, to choose forgiveness over hatred, to choose to pursue reconciliation rather than give up.


Day 5 Pray against powerless Christian living. Pray for the Holy Spirit’s power to work in fullest capacity over our lives: the power to impact and transform the lives of people around us towards Christ!


Day 6 Pray for intentional discipleship to be active in our lives! That we would be generous with sharing the gospel and win souls.


Day 7 The we would have 2020 vision and renewed revelation of God’s love.


Day 8 That we would have boldness to obey, love & forgive completely


Day 9 That we may we have a distaste for worldly distractions and that God would break the hold of technology in our lives.


Day 10 That through God's Word and the help of the Holy Spirit, we can learn to believe, trust and rest in the finished work of Christ.


Day 11 That all of our church members would experience breakthrough on many levels in 2020. That God would help us to become Radical and live for the benefit of others in our generosity, giving and sharing.


Day 12 That deep, authentic friendships would be developed in and out of the church and life groups.


Day 13 The church would be devoted to prayer, understand what prayer is and live a life of prayer.


Day 14 That the capacity for us to teach the Scriptures would grow.


Day 15 That the Church would be mobilized in serving our communities with evangelistic focus. That God would allow us to have our own building with ministry housing capacity.


Day 16 That God would send raise up more committed workers with the heart for the ministry and see souls come to the kingdom.


Day 17 That EHF would be used to develop new leaders in our church and also in the East Harlem and Bronx Church community. Especially Spanish churches.


Day 18 That God would remove any blockage that is over the spiritual well in our church.


Day 19 That God would teach us how to rest and flourish with our time management in 2020.


Day 20 Pray for our children, teens and young people in EHF and in our own circle (mention them by name as you pray). Pray for freedom from the grip of the enemy over their lives through addiction in video games, drugs, sexual immorality- for the Lord’s mercy upon them, for the Holy Spirit to open their eyes to Truth and to give them the desire to pursue the Lord.


Day 21 Pray that they would truly grow in Christ and deepen their understanding of the gospel and their relationship with God.

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