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The Working Model


We enable Honor Society high school students currently from the Manhattan Center for Science & Mathematics (“MCSM”) to become the tutors of the elementary school kids, providing them with a real and achievable role model. We are building bridges of inspiration and relationships.


Like the Roberto Clemente Elementary School, MCSM also has a population of mostly Blacks and Hispanics from low-income families. Even so, their student achievement was classified as “Excellent” by the NYC DOE in 20187.


98.2% 4-year graduation rate

94% Attendance

93% Graduate college-ready


MCSM students excel at a citywide level, surpassing the NYC average graduation rates by almost 50% and ranking among the highest schools in impact and performance.


The City Lights program works around a schedule with basic rules. Students enjoy the experience by learning structure in a fun way. In addition, City Lights will serve as workforce development and social enterprise business model that challenges, loves, and strengthens our youth while they discover the dignity of work and of giving back to a meaningful cause. 


Our tutors are also empowered and transformed by receiving responsibility for an assignment that will boost their confidence and give them hope for their own future. 


Possible benefits for the

elementary students: 

  • They understand and complete their assignments on time

  • They develop good habits, such as work and study habits

  • They have less anxiety due to homework 

  • They show persistence and enhanced academic standing

  • They grasp life skills such as setting goals and working towards them

  • They gain confidence, better attitude, and improved self-esteem

  • They learn responsibility, discipline, and respect by following a schedule and basic rules

  • They interact with peers in a healthy environment, improving social and behavioral skills

  • They use their time effectively after school, reducing non-productive or risky behaviors

  • They attend school more due to gained interest in learning.

Possible benefits for the tutors: 


  • They receive job training and develop social responsibility skills

  • They grow from peer to peer interaction

  • They receive leadership and life skills that engender post gradation success (i.e., healthy goal setting and disciplined lifestyle tools) 

  • They are offered financial literacy and budgeting skills classes

  • They receive emotional and spiritual counseling upon voluntary request.


City Lights

After-school Program

Future goals for the program:

  • Expand to more elementary school grades

  • Integrate extracurricular activities: Music, Art, Chess, etc.


Future goals for communities in East Harlem and South Bronx:

  • Honor society high school students providing Peer to peer tutoring for struggling high school student with the goal impacting graduation rates and inspiring hope.

  • Teen pregnancy mentorship and life on life intervention support

  • Intervention mentor program for at risk youth who have already entered a juvenile detention facility.   

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